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IPAK Foam, Plastic, Rubber offers a wide range of services to accommodate all of our customer's fabrication needs. Our most recent addition is a second state-of-the-art Multi-head Water Jet Cutting Machine. Since we work with a variety of different materials, we also have several other material cutting machines in our warehouse. These machines include multiple die cutters, a CNC router, and a skiving machine. IPAK also offers Assembly and Fulfillment Services. Our production team utilizes several different machines in order to produce finished products as efficiently as possible. These machines include multiple Sonic Welders and several Heat Bonding devices. Water Jet IPAK has 16 Water Jet cutting heads, more cutting capability than any other foam fabricator in the U.S. Our multi-head water jet systems enable us to cut almost any material efficiently, precisely, and economically. Sonic Welding Our warehouse is equipped with multiple sonic welding machines. Since there is no heat involved in this process, it is safe to use on an array of heat sensitive materials. Sonic welding is an ideal process to use for construction of custom dividers or totes. Die Cutting IPAK's die cutting presses enable us to cut parts out of a variety of material. This process is ideal for use on our line of plastic corrugated material. Die cut parts are often used to make custom totes or dividers. CNC Routing IPAK's Multi-Head CNC Router is used for fabricating HDPE, UHMW, and Plastic Lumber. PSA Laminations IPAK stocks general purpose PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) with peel and stick backing that can be applied to any of our foams or plastic corrugated. PSA adhesive can be bonded to practically anything including plastic, foam, or painted parts. Skiving IPAK has two skiving machines enabling us to accurately produce sheet thicknesses from 1mm to 6 inches. We sell material in full buns or skived sheets. Heat Bonding We can bond any combination of material together by using one or more of our heat bonding techniques. Full Design Service Send us the part or drawing, and we will do all the work in developing your vision. It's just that easy! Click here for more details. 100% Correct, Complete, On Time Orders. We meet your expectations by making YOU our number one priority. Your time is valuable, so we take great pride in the fact that we offer an over abundance of services. We offer: Same Day Quotes Friendly Customer Service Design Service Just in Time Prototype Parts Inventory Management Assembly and Fulfillment Services Same Day Quotes We understand how valuable your time is. We also realize waiting on a quote not only holds you up, but also holds up your customers. Why not eliminate this waiting game altogether by using a company who prides itself on following through with its promises. When an IPAK employee commits to you, rest assured it's done. Customer Service Our friendly and experienced customer service staff is here to help you with all your packaging needs. Give us a call today and you will see why our existing customers continue to call IPAK for their packaging products. Design Services Our knowledgeable Design Team can assist you in developing the optimum packaging solution for your product. Check out our Design page for more details. Just in Time Management Our company implements Just in Time Management strategies into our daily activities. Some of the benefits our customers gain through this process include: Same Day Shipping on Stocked Parts No Production Delays Less Inventory Costs Prototype Parts Whether this is a new or modified design, or you would simply like to see a sample prior to production, ask us about a Prototype Part and how this can benefit you as a customer. Inventory Management At IPAK, we understand our customers have deadlines and sometimes when an order is placed, they do not have time to wait. While most companies may need to call their supplier to order the material to start production; here at IPAK, most of our material is already ­ in stock. This saves you time since we are usually able to start production without delay. Assembly & Fulfillment Services Whether you need a cut piece of foam or a complete packaging system with several different parts combined, we can do it. Our Production Team uses innovative techniques and machinery to fabricate your product in the most efficient way possible. We take pride in 100% correct, complete, and on time orders. IPAK, Inc. 1636 North Logsdon Parkway Radcliff , KY 40160 Office: (270) 351-4027, Fax: (270) 351-4028 Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm E.T.


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